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ACL Reconstruction ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction

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About “ACL Reconstruction”

Type of  ACL Reconstruction


Selection of Graft

Grafts are used in the surgical reconstruction of the ACL. These grafts can be:

  • Autografts – ligament from the patient’s own body that is commonly
    • Quadriceps tendon graft or
    • Hamstring tendon  graft or
    • The patellar tendon graft
  • Allograft – the ligament is taken from a deceased donor. Allografts are usually preferred over autografts as it minimizes the chances of repeated fractures as well as chances of peripheral infection. Hamstring ligament autograft has the advantage that it becomes stronger over time.

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Symptoms of ACL Rupture are:

  • Extreme pain.
  • Swelling in the damaged knee.
  • Loss of strength during walking and loss of moving array.
  • People who find or experience a crack in their knee after an ACL injury.

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It is essential to have the correct diagnosis and understanding of the severity of knee damage.

  • Clinical examination: Physical analysis is essential to understand the forms of damage according to which a doctor will approach the role of the knee joint by working it in distinctive positions.
  • Pivot shift test: A unique test is followed to understand ACL damage or loss. It indicates instability. If the test is definite a contracture will appear between 20 and 40 degrees of inflection which reveal ACL injury.
  • Anterior drawer test: It is done in the case of the accused cross-shaped ligament fracture, the patient is made weak, hip bent at 45 degrees, Knee bent to 90 degrees, ease hamstring and then draw backward to forward direction, uncontrolled movement of the tibia of anterior ligament indicates that ACL has moved apart.
  • Lachman test: It is carried out by orthopedics to diagnose a fracture of the anterior cruciate ligament, if the test is definite there will be raised forward or upward movement of the tibia and a remarkably smooth finishing point when this fluctuation ends.

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Medical Investigations

  • X-ray to exclude fracture.
  • MRI to assess ACL injury and to see if there is additional damage to other parts of the knee ligaments, and tendons.
  • A routine test is done to determine if you are fit for the surgery.




During the Procedure

  • The surgeon will mark about 2- 3 small scratches on all sides of the injurious area of the knee.
  • An arthroscope is a narrow pipe fixed with a fiber optic camera that lets the surgeon observe the inner part of the knee properly fitted by a  scratch.
  • The first step is to pull apart the injured ACL and thoroughly wash it.
  • Through the other opening, a surgical drill is entered and small holes are made into the femur and the tibia.
  • During the surgery, if the surgeon notices that other knee ligaments, tendons, and cartilage have been injured, he may reconstruct them.
  • A scratch in the skin is stitched or stapled together.

After Procedure

  • Caution should be taken to keep the opening area dry and clean to prevent infection.
  • You may require to have a knee brace for 1 – 4 weeks and also you will require physical improvement which helps to recover the strength and function of the knee joint which can take about 4-6 months.


Factors Affecting the Cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Treatment costs are influenced by several factors. It includes:

  • The hospital and the patient are selected.
  • Room – Quality private room, luxurious room, super luxurious room for the number of nights described (it includes nursing fees, food, room rates, and services).
  • Operating room, ICU fees.
  • Doctors and their team fees (such as surgeons, anesthetists, physiotherapists, and dieticians).
  • Medications.
  • Quality test and diagnostic.
  • Cost of the medical care which is needed after the procedure.
  • In India, the hospital provides ACL  rehabilitation treatments at a cost that is easily accessible to the patient’s budget.


Recovery  from ACL Reconstruction

Knee brace caps may be required for the first 1 – 4 weeks, as well as crutches for the first 1 – 4 weeks. Getting an appointment with the doctors and the surgeon will take less than one or two weeks before surgery. Absolute recovery can take 4 to 6 months.

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