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Hole in the Heart Hole in the Heart

Hole in the Heart

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Hole in the heart -Closure of defects like ASD VSD

A hole in the wall in the middle of two upper collecting chambers (ASD) or the middle of two bottom pumping chambers (VSD) can cause problems.

The severity of symptoms depends on the size and location of the defect and can range from no symptoms at all to severe heart failure. Heart failure in a baby results in poor feeding and poor weight gain. In elderly children, heart failure leads to a reduction in exercise tolerance and difficulty breathing.

It depends on the range and site. Septal defects may adjoin themselves. The cardiologist will wait for some time before performing surgical treatment to observe the situation.

In cases involving larger holes and severe symptoms, however, treatment with surgery or catheter closure with a device will be needed.

The surgical treatment of ASDs and VSDs is open heart surgery. The heart is temporarily stopped and opened and the hole is closed with a patch made with a synthetic material like Dacron or a patch of the pericardium (the thick sac that surrounds the heart). Complications are minimal and the duration of stay in the hospital is around 5 days.

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