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Single Hip Replacement Single Hip Replacement

Single Hip Replacement

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No. of Travellers - 2 | Days in Hospital - 8 | Days Outside Hospital - 14 | Total days in India - 22

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About “Single Hip Replacement”

Symptoms for Detecting Hip Replacement

In general, anyone can be a candidate for hip replacement. In this surgery, patients are not classified by age, class, or activity level. The majority of patients are between the ages of 60 and 80, and the surgery is only available to adults.

Hip replacement surgery is performed if :

  • Pain remains even though pain medications are given.
  • Inflamed while walking, even with a stick or walker.
  • Obstruct while sleeping.
  • Influence the ability to move up and down the stairs.
  • Make it difficult to get up from a seated position.

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Medical Test/Diagnosis for Hip Replacement

Proper medical reports and physical analyses are essential. The diagnosis is made by an unusual X-ray that reveals features such as restriction of joints and stimulation of the joint side.

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During Procedure

  • The surgical procedure hardly takes hours and is carried out under general anesthesia.
  • Damaged cartilage and bone should be removed, and replacements of metal, plastic, or ceramic should be inserted to restore the arrangement and function of the hip.
  • A small incision is made beside the hip and the muscles are transferred to join them to the upper part of the thigh bone, revealing the hip joint.
  • The ball part of the joint is eliminated by fragmenting the thigh bone with a saw.
  • After this, an artificial joint is connected to the thigh bone by means of a cemented element that accepts the persistent bone to connect to the implanted joint.
  • After the damaged cartilage is removed, the replacement socket part of the hip bone is joined to the external part of the hip bone.
  • The new ball part of the thighbone is placed into the socket part of the hip. A tube may be inserted to help to remove the fluid. Doctors then stitched the cuts and rejoined the muscles.

After Procedure

  • Patients should remain in the hospital for about 6 – 8 days.
  • In order to maintain the repaired hip joint, they must remain in bed with a squeeze-form pillow between their legs.
  • Total recovery can take around 6 – 12 months.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery

There are some of the factors that will affect the treatment cost:

  • The hospital patient is opting for
  •  Room – Quality private room, luxurious room, super luxurious room for the number of nights described (it includes nursing fees, food, room rates, and services).
  • Operating room, ICU fees.
  • Doctors and their support staff (such as surgeons, anesthetists, physiotherapists, and dietitians).
  • Medications.
  • Quality test and diagnostic.
  • Depend on the treatment options:
    • Surgery
    • Single hip/both
    • Implant being used

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