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About “Nova IVI Fertility”


  • Established in 2012, Nova IVI Fertility Chennai is part of India’ leading chain of fertility and IVF centers.
  • Overlooking scenic beauty of the ocean, the hospital provides the latest infertility treatments and techniques.
  • In addition to basic and advanced fertility treatment, the center also offers pre-genetic counseling and procedures.


  • It has reputed team of the clinical support team and fertility experts, coupled with the latest technology.
  • The center has qualified counselors and clinical coordinators offering psychological and clinical support throughout a patient’s infertility treatment.


  • Located in an upscale neighborhood of the city, the clinic has a world-class infrastructure with spacious waiting area, help desk and more.



  • Distance: 15 KMs
  • Time: 32 Minutes

Railway Station

  • Distance: 2 KMs
  • Time: 8 Minutes