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Southend Fertility and IVF

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About “Southend Fertility and IVF”


  • Established in 2001, Southend Fertility and IVF is one the leading name among fertility treatment centers in Delhi.
  • Founded by Dr. Sonia Malik and Dr. Avtar Krishan, the center has been ranked 3rd best in Delhi NCR and 5th best in North India by All India Fertility and IVF Ranking survey.
  • Additionally, it has been awarded the title of Best Infertility Chain by ABP News and Best Fertility Chain by Asia One.
  • The hospital has a presence in various locations in India – Delhi, Gurgaon and Punjab.
  • It is the first center in India to offer detection & management of genital tuberculosis, PCOS.


  • The expert team of centre has delivered more than 5000 babies through SFIC’s ART program and has conducted over 10000 ART Cycles.
  • The team has internationally recognized doctors with combined clinical experience of more than 100 years.
  • The clinic has research collaboration with the prestigious reproductive research center of the Cleveland Clinic, USA.
  • The center assures high success rate in complicated & multiple IVF, IUI failure patients.



  • Distance: 10 KMs
  • Time: 20 Minutes


  •  Distance: 2 KMs
  •  Time: 5 Minutes