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India Emerges as the Largest Destination for Medical Tourism

India Emerges as the Largest Destination for Medical Tourism

  • November 18, 2022

Medical tourism refers to the movement of international patients who travel across the border for health, cosmetic, and other surgical treatments. In recent years India has emerged as the largest center for medical tourism. There are the top 6 travel destinations for healthcare services in the world. These are Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kerala, and Kochi. These are the fastest-growing medical industries in the world because millions of people from Asia or Africa come to these cities for all their medical requirements.

The services that include foreign tourist travel and staying in India for some nights are aimed at rejuvenating, upgrading, or supporting health or medical tourism in India. In the last decade of the 20th century, India emerged as a global leader in the field of medical tourism. India has extremely qualified healthcare professionals, experienced doctors, nurses, advanced technology, modern devices, less expensive treatment, services, and hospitals. These are some of the factors that enable India to retain its dominance in the tourism market.

What are the advantages of Indian Medical Tourism?

In India, the most popular treatments are transplants, bypass surgery, eye surgery, and hip replacement. The key advantages of Indian medical tourism include:

Standard care

India provides facilities like low-cost, special hospitals, beds, high-skilled doctors, supporting staff, nurses, and modern or advanced technology. These services are all offered in India to foreign tourists at affordable prices. You can take the example of the city of Chennai which is also known as India’s health capital. The city has multi- and super-specialty hospitals that attract tourists. It includes 45 percent of patients from abroad and 30 to 40 percent from their own country. High standards and low-cost facilities are the leading factors that attract foreign patients.

Easy to travel

Today the government has eliminated all the limitations on visas for foreign tourists that need to have a gap between two months for successive visits for people from abroad. It is mostly done to increase medical tourism. Visa on arrival scheme is available for selected countries that permit foreigners to stay in India for 30 days for some medical treatment.


Due to the diversity of languages in India. English is the official language and is widely used by most people and universally used by all medical professionals. Several hospitals hire language translators to make patients comfortable during treatment or other services. Many medical tourism companies provide facilities for foreign patients who are from Arabic, Bangla, Russian, and English-speaking countries.

Present scenario of India in Medical Tourism

In 2020, the value of medical tourism in India is expected to be around USD 9 million. This led to India retaining the number 10 position in Global Medical Tourism. It is estimated that approximately 2 million patients visit India every year from 78 countries mainly for medical, fitness, and IVF treatments. There is a 6 billion dollar economic impact, which will increase to 13 billion dollars by 2026 according to the government of India. As a result, the hospital will be able to generate jobs, profits, and convertibility. However, it also creates valuable power for India to maintain its position. It generates demand for advanced or modern devices, enhanced healthcare, and quality services.


India has emerged as a valuable country for medical tourism. It provides cost-effective services for patients. It includes highly skilled doctors, experienced nurses and staff, and language and travel services. In recent years, India has become a major hub for medical tourism. Due to quality and affordability, India continues to rank among the top 10 countries for medical tourism.

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Why is India popular for medical tourism?

One of the most significant reasons for the popularity of medical tourism in India is cost-effective treatment and hospitals. People from different countries search for a cost-effective treatment that does not require lengthy processes and delayed work. They require the treatment of the same problem in countries that provide all these facilities at an affordable price. Some of the other reasons for the popularity of India are:

  • It provides the most qualified doctors in all areas of treatment.

  • Different therapy healers.

  • Excellent hospitals.

  • Affordable rooms and services.

  • Healthcare companies.

  • Best government policies.

What is its rank in India in medical tourism?

India provides cost-effective treatment. India generates 16.3 billion dollars in revenue through medical tourism with over 560 million trips. It ranks number 7 in the 20 fitness tourism markets. It ranks 3rd among Asian Pacific countries.

In India, which city is best for medical tourism?

Some metro cities have been selected as effective facilitation centers for international tourists. They are Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. These are some of the reasons why these cities were selected. It includes:

  • International connectivity.

  • Excellent infrastructure in hospitals.

  • Skilled and experienced doctors and nurses.

  • Understanding caretakers.

  • Ease of language.

  • Food for all nationalities.

  • Provide affordable pre-and post-operative care until your healing process is complete.

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