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Why Medical Tourism is Becoming the New Normal for Cancer Treatment

Why Medical Tourism is Becoming the New Normal for Cancer Treatment

  • October 11, 2022

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is defined as when a person travels to another country for medical treatment. It is also known as health tourism, surgical tourism, and medical travel. Each year, millions of people travel abroad for medical treatment. It provides a chance for a large portion of the population to take advantage of healthcare facilities all over the world. Most patients who seek medical tourism do so because the procedures they pursue can be performed in other countries. Compared to low costs without waiting and inconvenience. Besides, some patients travel to particular countries to undergo procedures that are not available in their own home country.
India has been accepted as one of the most suitable destinations for healthcare tourism. Several people from developed countries come to India. For medical treatment and regeneration treatments like yoga and Ayurveda massage. Medical expertise in India is helping Indian hospitals to provide the highest quality services at attractive prices. This is not only for the country but also for the patients coming into India from abroad for surgery and other health conditions
The most common procedures that people undertake in medical tourism. Including dental care, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, organ, and tissue transplantation, and cancer treatment

What is cancer, its types, causes, and symptoms?

Cancer is a combination of 100 types of diseases. Cancer can grow anywhere in the body and spread to other parts. Cancer refers to the abnormal development of cells that divide uncontrollably and grow to other parts of the body
As you know, cells are the basic functional unit of life that make up the human body. Cell division is the process through which the cells grow and divide according to the body’s needs. After cells grow old or are damaged or die, they are replaced by newly formed ones. 
Occasionally this type of series breaks down and abnormal or damaged cells grow and divide out of control. These cells form tumors, which are groups of tissue. In the beginning, it is noncancerous but over time it becomes cancerous.
These cancerous tumors spread to nearby tissue and travel to different parts of your body to form new tumors. This process is called the advanced stage of cancer. All cancers form solid tumors except leukemia.


The main cause of cancer is the alteration of DNA within the cells. The DNA inside the cells is grouped into a large number of separate genes. Each gene consists of a group of directions that indicate the cell’s functions, and work, as well as its growth and division. The incorrect information in the cells can result in the cells losing their normal functions and becoming cancerous.


Cancer can be divided according to its origin. There are four main types of cancer:
1. Carcinomas
This is the most common type of cancer. It begins in the skin and tissues that surround the top of the internal organs and glands. Examples of cancers include prostate, lung, breast, and colorectal cancer.
2. Sarcomas 
This type of cancer can develop in fat, muscles, nerves, vessels, cartilage, or bone. It occurs in the tissues that carry and attach to the body.
3. Leukemia
Leukemia is a cancer of the blood. It occurs when healthy blood cells change and grow out of control. There are four main types of leukemia. It includes acute lymphocytic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and chronic myeloid leukemia
4. Lymphomas
This type of cancer occurs in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a connector of vessels and glands that help to fight infection. There are two main types of lymphomas. It includes Hodgkin lymphomas and Non-Hodgkin lymphomas. 


Signs and symptoms of cancer depend on the part of the body where it is caused and affected. Some common symptoms which are associated with cancer include:
Skin changes such as yellowing, darkening, or redness of the skin
Weight changes 
A swollen or thickened area that can be felt under the skin
Bowel and bladder habit changes
Cough or trouble breathing
Difficulty in swallowing
Indigestion or feeling unwell after eating
Muscle or joint pain
Fever or night sweats
Uncommon bleeding or bruising

What are the leading cancer hospitals in India in 2022?

The country has about 80 cancer hospitals but among them the top 10 cancer hospitals are:
  1. Tata Memorial Hospital (Parel, Mumbai)
It consists of 5 Doctors, 700 beds, and 3 Ambulances. It is one of the most advanced cancer care hospitals in India. It provides low or free-of-cost medication or proper care to poor people. It gives financial help to cancer patients in India. 60% of patients receive primary care, and 70% of patients receive free treatment.
2. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (Andheri West, Mumbai)
It includes 53 Doctors, 750 beds, and 3 Ambulances. It provides the highest quality cancer treatment to people. It includes 15 centers, 26 special departments, 20 clinics, and 5 patient support groups.
3. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals (Sarita Vihar, Delhi)
It includes 172 Doctors, 700 Beds, and 1 Ambulance. It is the first hospital that is internationally approved by the Joint Commission International (JCI) four times. A total of 15 cancer specialists work in 5 cancer care departments under this organization.
4. Fortis Malar Hospital (Adyar, Chennai)
It contains 58 Doctors, 500 Beds, and 4 Ambulances. This hospital is known for blood cancer treatment. It has a high success rate in Radiation Oncology. It is about 77%.
5. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute And Research Center (Rohini, Delhi)
It involved 3 Doctors and 302 beds. It is a charitable hospital. It is known for its advanced technology and reasonable prices for treatment. It has won the prestigious award for Best Oncology Hospital in India.
6. American Oncology Institute (Lingampally, Hyderabad)
It comprises 14 Doctors and 50 beds. It was established in 2006 in Hyderabad. It gives the same cancer treatment as compared to the U.S. It provides treatment as per international standards.
7. Saifee Hospital (Charni Road, Mumbai) 
It covers 90 Doctors, 256 Beds, and 2 Ambulances. These hospitals have completed ten years of service. It has state-of-the-art technology. This is used for diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients in a first-class ambulance.
8. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital (Vile Parle West, Mumbai)
It has 189 doctors, 350 beds, and 8 ambulances. It is one of the well-known cancer hospitals in India. It was established in 1950 by the first Prime Minister of India. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.
9. Fortis Hospital (Mulund West, Mumbai)
It encompasses 114 Doctors, 261 Beds, and 2 Ambulances. It has large bed facilities like 300 beds that can accommodate a large number of patients for cancer treatment.
10. Jaslok Hospital (Peddar Road, Mumbai)
It holds 106 Doctors, 364 Beds, and 5 Ambulances. It is the oldest tertiary or multi-specialty hospital in the country. All the doctors and nurses are well-trained with advanced technology and specialization.

How many types of cancer treatments are available in India?

It depends on the type of cancer and its severity. There are different kinds of cancer treatment, such as:
Radiation therapy
Surgical therapy
Bone marrow transplant
Hormone therapy
Targeted drug therapy
Radiofrequency therapy
Clinical trials

What are the benefits of cancer treatment in India?

  • In India, medical and nonmedical staff give the greatest care in terms of cancer care to the patients.
  • The cost of cancer treatment in India is low in comparison to other countries.
  • Most of the facilities in the hospital are advanced and have ultra-modern infrastructure that gives the most comfortable atmosphere to patients.
  • To treat cancer better, the latest medical equipment and advanced medical technology were used.
    This hospital delivers highly skilled medical professionals, well qualified and experienced doctors.
  • A high standard of modern facilities is provided to ensure that patients feel comfortable during their treatment.    


Medical tourism means the movement of people from one country to another for medical treatment. Using medical tourism to benefit from the services that the hospitals in that country can provide is one of the most suitable methods of changing geographical areas. It has certain advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the countries, their technology, and their surroundings. Cancer is a group of diseases in which cells divide abnormally in your body. Various forms of cancer can be treated in different countries depending on the cost, technology, and facilities available.
As a company, we strive to provide cost-effective facilities to people across the country. With our company, people are able to travel, eat, and stay in hotels at an affordable price with better quality services. For people traveling to India for medical treatment, it offers unique medical tourism packages. For more information, please visit our website at www.allnatthealthcare.com. As you know Life is the Gift of Nature and Beautiful Living is the Gift of Wisdom.

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